Kala-Rhythms and The Cycles of Changes in America, A Better World, April 6, 2010

A Better WorldKala-Rhythms and The Cycles of Changes in America
K. David Katzmire & Mitchell Jay Rabin on A Better World TVMitchell’s guest is K. David Katzmire who discusses the fractal relationship between a person and a nation and how Kala-Rhythms are the changes in Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energies through Cyclical time. This holds true for every nation in the world and for the world itself. By identifying the manifestations of energy we can forecast the dynamic influences of change with a Time Code that is more up to date than tomorrow’s newspaper. Find out how Kala-Rhythms are the sheet music to the Dance of Shiva and that guides the very eras of history and the next popular color in neckties. Now that we know the durations and the patterns of change, knowing where we are and where is are going is ours for the understanding. That is the great unkept secret.

A Better World TV 2010 Apr. 6
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