Hope Gerecht on Feng Shui Interior Design, July 25, 2013

hope-gerechtHope Karan Gerecht brings more than 30 years of study, research and experience with the insightful art of Feng Shui. She uses ancient systems which reveal one’s personalized “energetic fingerprint” to create design from the inside out in a co-creative manner. This creates fascinating forward momentum to the manifest world aspects in order to support one’s individual soul and spirit.

Hope Karan Gerecht studied Interior Design and at the same time discovered Feng Shui — seeing it as her true calling. She has has consulted worldwide on more than 3,000 projects and has taught more than 100 people the practice of Feng Shui. Her committed study of the art included studies with a Tibetan Feng Shui master and three additional Feng Shui masters. Hope calls upon many ancient approaches to create Sacred surroundings and support the soul and vibrant current life of each inhabitant.

All of the beautiful and wondrous tools of the Earth come into play, such as; light, color, 2-D shape, 3-D form, texture, and most importantly, personalized choices from each of these as based on the soul matrix of each person and each home or work environment.

Hope is the author of the book, “Healing Design; Practical Feng Shui for Healthy and Gracious Living,” which has book sold out 2 printings. Her teaching, writing, & consulting focuses on the spirit behind matter for optimum health of body, mind and soul.

Fascinating discussions with Hope have revealed that the same energies discovered to move in rhythm are the same energies she studies in Feng Shui. One realm of Feng Shui known as Flying Star Feng Shui integrates aspects such as the elements of Yin & Yang, interactions between the five elements, the eight trigrams, and the 24 Mountains by accounting for time as well as space and objects. This reveals common ground between the discovery of Feng Shui and the study of rhythms.

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