Grant Noble: Trading, Long Term Weather & World Changes – September 6, 2012


Grant Noble was a futures broker from 1977 to 1983. Since then he has traded his own account and those of friends in the futures market. He has written articles for virtually every futures oriented magazine, including Futures, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, etc. He now writes a market letter which he trades for others (like Marc Faber) who write their own letter or do analysis that helps his trading. Samples of his market letter can be obtained by emailing him at

Mr. Grant has phenomenal observations on national and world history in the context of cycles. The 500+ year cycle documented by famed research Raymond Wheeler correlates with the 500 year power shift between the East and the West. Planetary orbits alter the barycentric position of the Sun and its energy on the Earth to give us our warm-cool cycles and economic shifts. Trends that we are in now bear resemblance to times before and we have clues to where we are going. Tune in and hear Grant Noble’s fascinating references to our lives today.


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