Geo-Rhythms & the Cycles of Change – September 20, 2007

Geo-Rhythms & the Cycles of Change
K. David Katzmire - founder of KalaRhythms PRESS RELEASE: The current decade is predestined to be the most exciting time America has ever known. This is because of the natural flow of Rhythms that began with the birth of our nation in the American Revolution. Consistent Highs and Lows have come ever since as the Cycles of change pulse through our nation. We now have all of our Cycles High at the same time. Learn where were are in the “Bio-Rhythms of the United States” and how you can navigate the tides of time to change your life!
Institute of Consciousness
233 South 6th Street,
C-2 Two Independence Place; Philadelphia, Pa. 19106
2007 Sep. 20

7:00 – 9:00pm
Live Event
Workshop: Live Event

$10 in advance w/ pre-registration, $12 at door.

Thursday, September 20, 2007