Free Cycles Analysis Software from the Cycles Research Institute

Cycles Research Institute CATS Software

The Cycles Research Institute released is free Cycles Analysis software last month know as – CATS: Cycles Analysis & Timeseries Software. A descriptions and download of this free program can be found at:

CATS is a system for storing many timeseries with different time bases including yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and many more. It comes with hundreds of collected time series from around the world, including both scientific and market data such as climate, astronomical, geophysical, economic, commodities, prices, and much more.

CATS can analyse series and determine cycles periods and phases precisely, and has many functions for manipulating data such as arithmetic, logs and transformations. It also inlcudes mutivariate techniques like correlation, regression, factor analysis and other tools that are useful for model building for economics, climate and in general studying the causal pathways by which cycles are transmitted.