Dr. Elliott Maynard on MasterField Paradigm: “Future-Science Technology.” October 16 2014

elliot-maynardAuthor, Elliot Maynard on the
Arcos Cielos Research Center
New Paradigms in Science, Education, Fine Arts, Global Ecology and Human Potential Development

Dr. Elliot Maynard has done extensive field research on tropical marine ecosystems, and on the behavior of coral reef fishes and invertebrates. He studied tropical biology and rainforest ecology at the Organization for Tropical Studies in Costa Rica with renowned global forestry expert, Dr. Leslie Holdridge, and subsequently went on to do pioneering research the field of giant freshwater shrimp aquaculture in Florida and Puerto Rico. In 1980-81 Elliott worked as a Research Scientist at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, where he played a key role in Project Management, Development of Advanced Aquaculture Systems, and Future Food Resources. In Kuwait he worked with 1200 scientists and technical specialists from around the world.

In 1989, following a decade of pioneering work of giant freshwater shrimp aquaculture in Florida and Puerto Rico, Mr. & Mrs. Maynard turned their attention to Native American Education. Working as Education Specialists for the Hopi Tribe of Arizona. Their efforts resulted in a comprehensive set of goals and standards for the then new $22 million Hopi Jr./Sr. High School, as well as a unique Hopi Cultural Curriculum which integrated Hopi and conventional western worldviews into the existing educational system. During this time-period Elliott began developing a futuristic educational system called The University of the Future Project®. Other subsequent projects included integration of alternative medical systems with conventional Medical protocols, and new approaches to thinking and problem solving working within a quantum-field context.

brave-new-mindBrave New Mind: Living in a Future-Science World
by Dr. Elliott Maynard
presents his new Master Paradigm for evolving the human consciousness. This new Master Paradigm is essentially a new operating system for humans and for their relationship to Planet Earth. This new book presents 25 different Keys for working in the Universal Quantum Field. Together, they form a living tapestry, which has the capability to change and evolve with those who choose to work within this new operating system. Dr. Maynard also introduces an entirely new format for the traditional box-like paradigm. His new Future-Science Paradigms are no longer rigid and restrictive, but are self-aware and thus have the capability to grow and evolve infinitely.

Dr. Maynard is also the author of:

Transforming the Global Biosphere: Twelve Futuristic Strategies  &

Life Management 3000: Success & Survival in the Third Millennium

Learn more at: http://www.arcoscielos.com


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