David Katzmire on A Better World TV – Tuesday, January 22, 2012 at 10:30pm Eastern

David Katzmire Cycles into A Better World
Tuesday, January 22 at 10:30pm New York time
David Katzmire and Mitchell RabinDavid Katzmire is a dear and honored friend and has been a major advocate of A Better World and its commitments and values. Conversely, since the two met at a Terence McKenna workshop at the Open Center in 1993, Mitchell has also been a major advocate of David’s insightful understanding and analysis of naturally-occurring cycles as they relate to physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual cycles of our nation and of others.
We are re-airing an interview conducted some time ago though another is in the works. And since we aired this show last, David has begun hosting his own radio show which we encourage you to listen in to at BlogTalkRadio.com/cycles every Thursday night at 8pm EDT. And visit KalaRhythms.org.

Tuesday, January 22, 10:30pm EST:

katzmire in chairTonight our guest will be David Katzmire. David is the brain-child behind KalaRhythms, a study of time cycles that is to nations as bio-rhythms are to the individual, analyzing them into the component parts of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual cycles of a given country. The way these cycles criss-cross, wax and wane over time gives probabilities to the kinds of events, attitudes and values are predominant among a people at a given period of time.
K. David Katzmire developed the theory for more than three decades to understand the Cycles of Time. Universal patterns can be found in a person, a nation and in the eras of civilization on different scales of size and time. Therein lie undulating energies of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual cycles that are replete through our lives in wonderful fractal patterns that we can discern once we unlock the simple code. This is the theory of KalaRhythms.
David was born in Chester, Pennsylvania. Topic of conversion will be his original theory on the cycles of time and the cycles of change known as KalaRhythms which he documented at: KalaRhythms.org.
We will discuss the fractal relationship between a person and a nation and how each has a body, a heart and a mind that moves in rhythm. The code is simple once you know the rhythms.

David has been and is an avid supporter and friend of Mitchell and A Better World for a long time, from being the website “Elf” for A Better World to a friend and colleague. Mitchell was the first to comprehensively debut David’s KalaRhythms on TV and he’s been a guest on A Better World Radio numerous times.

Mitchell also hosted lectures of David’s in NYC and has also been an avid supporter of his work. Tune in and see these good friends cycle through some very valuable insights into the ebb and flow of cycles in our country and on our planet.
You can listen to his weekly radio show, The Cycles Of Change every Thursday night at: BlogTalkRadio.com/cycles and view his upcoming events at: KalaRhythms.org.