David Katzmire on A Better World TV – October 2, 2012

david katzmire in blue shirtDavid Katzmire will appear as the guest of A Better World TV with host Mitchell Rabin of A Better World Media at: ABetterWorld.tv

Tune in Live Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific

Topic of conversion will be his original theory on the cycles of time and the cycles of change known as KalaRhythms which he documented at: KalaRhythms.org.
We will discuss the fractal relationship between a person and a nation and how each has a body, a heart and a mind that moves in rhythm.  Predictable periods of change produce the tides of time that allows to know where we are in the music of the universe(s).  Find out why the eras took their shape when they did as well as why we are going the the changes we are experiencing now, followed by a look at where we are going.  The code is simple once you know the rhythms.
David studied Psychology and Logic at a local college, then went on to study at the Classical Guitar society in Philadelphia where he performed. His experience and computer training in Philadelphia, Dallas and New York gave him an inside view of the pulse of nation.  His travels all across the nation have given him first hand contact with the people and moods of our land, which lends insight to nations everywhere.David does lectures, webinars and broadcasts on the cycles of time.  You can listen to his weekly radio show, The Cycles Of Change every Thursday night at: BlogTalkRadio.com/cycles and view his upcoming events at: KalaRhythms.org