Carolyn Bennett Sullivan on Re-claiming Our Internal Guidance, February 12, 2015


Carolyn Bennett Sullivan has studied psychology, human behavior and spirituality for more than 30 years through formal education and practical experience. Despite 25 successful years in sales experience, she chose her calling over the beaten path to become a Certified Passion Test facilitator to help guide others to discover their top passions and priorities as she has done.
Carolyn holds that by un-caging the chatter, re-claiming control over our thoughts and re-connecting to our internal guidance system that we can gain the confidence and clarity to take back our life with purpose and passion. This is what she teaches through one on one sessions and writing.

Her new book, ‘Get the “F” Out’ premiers this February 21st.  It was her passion and mission to help others liberate their fear in order to connect to inner wisdom and live the life we each desire and deserve.

As the sun sets on the machine age and the ‘rat race,’ as it was known, we are each left to find our own calling as we transition into the sunrise era of new methods of interaction in our personal lives, our business transactions and in world affairs. In short, it dawns on each of us that the twilight we see in our changing time is not only from the end of an era that we knew, but the also from the dawn of an age we welcome.  In this age we may rely more on our inner strengths and callings in order to make sense of the world around us, rather than leaving core values behind in order to comply with an age gone by that was filled with materialism and quiet desperation. Carolyn Benett-Sullivan has pioneered this transition through personal experience, and as we shall discover on our show, she has learned to share and to teach the rest of us just what she has found. Tune in.

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