“Beyond 2012: The Imperfect Storm?” Nov. 2009 Summit – New Mexico

The World Center for Cycles Research
First Annual Firebird Summit Series
“2012 and Beyond: The Imperfect Storm?”
World Summit at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles
Albuquerque, NM  /  November 12-16, 2009
Four Annual Summits  – Nov 2009 / Nov 2010 / Nov 2011 / Nov 2012

FSC’s Annual Firebird Summit 2009-2012 promises to be the most exciting,
provocative, and informative series that the Foundation has ever developed in its 70 year history!

More than 24 HOURS OF SEMINAR!
Thu.  Nov 12.  5-9p   Introduction, Prediction vs. Prophecy, Confluence of Cycles
Fri.  Nov. 13 10-6p   Possible Global Cyclic Effects and World Change Direction
Sat.  Nov. 14 10-6p   Possible Scenarios in the Context of Predicted Geophysical Rhythms
Sun.  Nov. 15 12-5p   Regional and Local Cyclic Variations and Social Changes
Mon.  Nov. 16 10-2p   Individual Studies (Workshops / Discussion Groups / Investments)