Arts Council Supports Creation of Secretary of the Arts

Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County

A Growing movement among the nation’s arts community for President Barack Obama to name a Secretary of Arts to his cabinet was reported by WBFO News on January 22, 2009. Executive Director of the Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County, Celeste Lawson, announced that the idea was first proposed last fall. France as had a minister of culture for the last 50 years, but we have not cabinet level position for the arts. She pointed out that we are in the dawn of a new era and this is time to move in this direction. Consequently, organization committees are circulating citizen petitions to support the idea. The arts invariably rise with the ascent of the Emotional Cycle and we are now in an Emotional High. Momentun for this could grown with the main obstacle being that this would be another cost during a time of unprecedent spending.[1. Source:]