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  7. Polyrhythms
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Kalarhythms - the Tao of Now

Chapter VII / Section B


Energies Combined

Physo-Emotional Effect - when both the Physical and the Emotional Cycles influence the same thing. In a Physo-Emotional High, for instance, sports fans may adore legendary sports figures. During aPhysical High - Emotional Low, marriages may be based more on looks and money than love. In a Physical Low - Emotional High, "make love, not war," became a slogan. Also following suit, amid a Physo-Emotional Low, industrial recession may spawn despair.

Physo-Emotional Highs & Lows Combined bring a confluence of changing energies as Physical and Emotional Cycles move with different frequencies. This alters the interrelationship of the body and the heart in motion.

Polyrhythms - USA - Physical & Emotional High

The Physo-Emotional High of 1887 - 1901 brought a double High tide known as the "Gay Nineties." Times were festive as Victorian standards gave way to expressive times. Men sported handlebar mustaches, women wore striped beach wear and bicycles built for two became popular. Courtship was more open and acceptable and many danced to "ragtime" music with lively hearts and bodies. When American residents were threatened in Cuba, both Congress and the American public enthusiastically supported the Spanish American War in which America was victorious. America was in a Physical and Emotional High.

Polyrhythms - USA - Physical & Emotional Low

America had a Physo-Emotional Low from 1901- 1915 after both the Physical and Emotional Cycles Crossed Down. Big business and industry declined as did speculation and optimism about the future. The Panic of 1903 reflected pessimistic views on an ailing market. The Panic of 1907 was the worst in more than fifty years with had currency shortages, over extended credit, falling stock prices and bank runs across the nation. It was a time of fearful reaction to lessened strength. It was a Physical and Emotional Low.

Polyrhythms - USA - Physical High & Emotional Low

We had a Physical High & Emotional Low from 1915 - 1919. Territoriality increased and fences rose with the Physical High. Humanism was less valued during the Emotional Low. At this time the modern KKK Movement founded in 1915 followed by riots and racial attacks in 1917 and 1919. Immigration laws in 1917 excluded Asiatic laborers from entering the country. The suffrage movement found that women who picketed for rights in front of the White House in 1917 would be imprisoned for months. Force was up and morality was down in the Physical High - Emotional Low.

Polyrhythms - USA - Physical Low & Emotional High

We had Physical Low & Emotional High as the Cycles reversed from 1929 - 1937. Despite the hardship of a Depression that came with the Physical Low and devastated industries, the entertainment business put out some of its finest works. Musicals featured the works of George Gershwin and the Gold Diggers revolutionized the film musical. Box office stars included Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Mae West, Clark Gable, and Shirley Temple. Despite a depressed economy, the spirit of entertainment was in classic style during the Physical Low - Emotional High.

Physo-Emotional Quarters Combined bring different "seasons" into play as the four Quarters of the Physical and Emotional Cycles come into being at different frequencies. Different Quarters bring different stages of development that work together on events that manifest their influence.

Polyrhythms - USA - Physical 1st Quarter & Emotional 3rd Quarter

Physical 1st Qtr. & Emotional 3rd Qtr. resulted from 1973 - 1979. The Physical High of 1st Qtr. Foundation brought a construction boom of urban renewal that literally laid new foundations. The Emotional Cycle was in 3rd Qtr. Review at the time and some new buildings took on old looks in designs that combined the old and the new. While new buildings sprang up in downtown areas across the nation, many existing buildings were with spruced up with new lobbies, refurbished exteriors and general face lifts. Prior to 1973 many artifacts of nostalgia and buildings of historic significance were torn down and replaced with movie complexes or parking lots. In the Physical 1st Qtr. - Emotional 3rd Qtr. Both the old and the new were of equal value.

Polyrhythms - USA - Physical 2nd Quarter & Emotional 4th Quarter

Physical 2nd Qtr. & Emotional 4th Qtr. came from 1982 - 1985. Second Qtr. Variation in Physical Cycle brought varied forms of Disco Music (which emerged in the preceding 1st Qtr.). Variations included "Break Dancing," "Hip Hop," "Dance" Music and "Rap" Music. "Rap" combined the Physical High with the Emotional Low. It used the hard driving beat of the Disco Music in 2nd Qtr. Variation that reflected the Physical High. fourth Qtr. Alternatives and Experimentation in the Emotional Cycle brought and "Rap" music used lyrics spoken in forced Rhythms that abandoned melody. This departure from melody reflected the experimental stage of an Emotional Low. A forced beat that overrode melody become popular in the High Physical 2nd Qtr., and Experimental Emotional 4th Qtr.

Physo-Emotional Crossovers Combined happen on those infrequent occasions with both the body and the heart of the nation come into crisis at the same time.

Polyrhythms - USA - Physical & Emotional Crossover

A Double Downward Crossover of the Physical and Emotional Cycles in 1901 (March 21, 1901 - March 21, 1902) brought crisis.  President William McKinley was shot and killed by an anarchist in September 1901. It was an act of anarchy to the extreme in the year of double crisis. He was succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt. As president, Roosevelt enacted the Sherman Anti-Trust act of 1890 to dismantle the Great Northern and Northern Pacific railroad monopoly and to bring suit against the Northern Securities Company. This marked the end of big trust and monopolies. The Physical Cycle down out of the High half and it precipitated an era of reform and "muckraking" as an Emotional public pressured the president into action against Physically-based industries.


Physo-Emotional Overview

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