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  8. Polyrhythms
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•    Combined Energies
•    Combined Highs & Lows
•    Combined Quarters
•    Combined Crossovers
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  •    Trirhythmic Effect
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Polyrhythms in Social Change

Physical, Emotional & Intellectual
Energies Combined

Combined Energies
result as Cycles are constantly at play. Each Cycle is but a part of the whole. The Now is a single force of combined forces. Individual Cycles moving in harmony is the Now in action. (Learn more about Cycle Energies).

Cycles balance. The Physical is as important as the Emotional, the Emotional is as important as the Intellectual, the Intellectual is as important as the Physical. Each one is one third of the triad. Social systems may vary through time, however. Physically-based tasks of labor may earn less than Intellectually-based tasks of design, but this is an artificially created hierarchy of our own economic system. Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual are interdependent and inseparable. By the same token within a Cycle, without a Low half, there could be no High, and vice versa. Without a winter of development there could be no summer, just as without night there is no day. The balance comes in the process of change. The process of change involves interaction. Each Cycle is as equally important as another. Each phase within a Cycle is also of equal importance.(1)

The Polyrhythmic Effect shows that all things are affected by all three Cycles to some degree. To say that industry is Physically-based, or religion is Emotional-based, or education is Intellectual-based, is not say that they are void of influence from the other Cycles. They are interconnected. It simply means that it tends to move with influence from one Cycles more than the others. All Cycles influence all things to some degree.(2)

Regions of the nation may also be based in one or more of the Cycles, (see Chapter VII "Georhythms"). Some places tend to move with influence from one Cycle more than the others. We have Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual regions of the nation. Power centers shift in the nation as corresponding Cycles become High and Low.

Combined Highs & Lows
come into play whenever one Cycle is High while another is Low. As Cycles move between stronger and weaker elements,(3) the energy of a Higher Cycle may seem to exert stronger influence. Every Cycle will eventually become Higher, and Lower, than the others. Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock smashes scissors. Some of our times, have been more Physical than others, like the 1980s with the Disco era and Yuppy style materialism. Other times, are known for Emotional events, like the 1960s with the Hipppy era and Beatlemania. Still other times are marked by Intellectual achievements, like the 1870s & 1880s and Edison's inventions with electricity and Herman Holerith#39;s computer. Then these times change with the Cycles. Changing Highs and Lows change the times. If more than one Cycle is High at the same time, the times are High. If more than one Cycle is Low, the times are Low. Individual Cycles can be seen working together in a symphony of energy. (Learn more about Cycle Highs & Lows).

Combined Highs can be powerful. If, for instance, a Physical High boosts industrial production, and an Emotional High boosts consumer confidence to buy more, the result is even greater production. If the Intellectual Cycle is also High, production and marketing techniques are also likely to improve and production is even greater still. The very opposite is true for combined Lows. This is the Polyrhythmic Effect.

Combined Quarters
come as Three Cycles move through four stages of development with different frequencies. The Quarters of change bring their variances amid the combined Highs and Lows of the Cycles. If two Cycles were in the same Quarter at the same time, for instance, we have a strong influence of one type of behavior. A Double 1st Qtr. of Foundation will greatly increase the establishment of new beginnings. A Cycle in the 1st Qtr. combined with a Cycle in 3rd Qtr. Review would merge new beginnings with review of our past. New historical institutions have come out of this. This is how Quarters of development can work together. (Learn more about Cycle Quarters).
Combined Crossovers
occur twice in a Cycle, or every 14 years. This happens when the Cycle crosses up from Low to High, and down from High to Low. The mid-point of the Cycle is the time of transition. This brings a shake up in Physically-based things as the Cycle changes. (Learn more about Cycle Crossovers).

A time when more than one Cycle Crosses over at the same time may average about once or twice in a century. When it does, the crisis is more than twice as strong. It is like slipping on a banana peel in a busy intersection. Three Double Crossovers have happened in our history. The first one, in 1901, brought the biggest shake up for industry to date. "Trust-busters," and "Muckrakers" broke up the nation's monopolies and ushered in an era of sweeping industrial reform. The next, in 1929, brought the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that transformed the "Roaring Twenties" into the "Great Depression." The last, in 1973, brought the Energy Crisis, the Recession of 1973/74, and the Watergate Investigation that led to the resignation of President Nixon and most of his cabinet. Double trouble is a powerful thing.

  • The Complex Becomes Simple, Once the Elements are Seen
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1. From the Works of Chuang Tzu in Taoist Scripture, All Things Are One: Viewed from the standpoint of Tao, a beam and a pillar are identical. So are ugliness and beauty, greateness, wickedness, perverseness, and strangeness. Separation is the same as construction: construction is the same as destruction. Nothing is subject either to construction or to destruction, for these conditions are brought together into one.

2. From The Works of Chuang Tzu of Taoist Scripture: Then I will place you upon that abode of great light which is the source of the positive power, and excort you through the gate of profound mystery which is the source of the negative power. These powers are the controllers of heaven and earth, and each contains the other.

3. From the Tao-Te Ching: The weakest things in the world can overmatch the strongest things in the world. Nothing in the world can be compared to water for its weak and yielding nature; yet in attacking the hard and the strong nothing proves better than it.