Amazon’s Kindle Grows in Popularity as an e-Book Reader


Amazon Kindle is a wireless e-book reader for reading electronic books that was launched by in November, 2007. Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device used electronic pager for content downloaded from the Amazon Whispernet. Amazon debuted in November, 2007, with the release of 88,000 digital titles and the first available batch of Kindles sold out in 4 ½ hours.[1. Source:] Now, just 14 months later, Amazon offers greater than 230,000 books, newspapers, magazine and blogs.[2. Source:] While Kindle only works in the United States, Amazon plans to launch its product in the United Kingdom other countries in Europe soon as technical details are worked out.

The Virtual library has become a world force since the launch of the World Wide Web in 1991 by the pan European organization, CERN, later replaced in popularity by Mosaic in 1993. [3. Source:] Web sites full of information quickly grew into the millions and the subsequent development of viable Search Engines allowed for search queries across multiple web sites in an instant. This turned the Internet to a viable resource to which many turned as a more powerful alternative to conventional libraries and book stores. The virtual library that transcend the physical limitations of printed media has steadily grown with the ascent of the 528 year Intellectual Cycle which has recent broken into Intellectual High.