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Hello and thank you for coming to this site. KalaRhythms is an original theory which I submit for your edification, offered on a web site designed and built with my web business at TheWebElves.com. Various categories on the site cover a wide range of Kala-Rhythms, from the dynamics of an individual, to the patterns of world change. So that you may consider the source of this theory, I herein offer some autobiographical reference.
As Editor of Cycles Magazine, for which I have also beenCycles Magazine a contributing author, I managed all aspects of the its production from article selection, layout and design.  Cycles Magazine has been published since 1950 to regularly survey and report on the full range of cycle research conducted around the world.  This endeavor provided the privilege of coming into contact with some of the leading cycles researchers in the field of cycles.
Cycles Research InstituteI now serve on the Advisory Board of the Cycles Research Institute founded by Ray Tomes. Its mission is is to discover, understand, and explain the true nature and origin of cycles, to solves the mystery of recurrent rhythm observed in natural and the social sciences, and to instruct others in the application of this new knowledge for the greater good. It works to foster, promote, coordinate, conduct, and publish scientific research and to carry on educational activities on cycles and fluctuations in all phenomena.
Also, I serve on the Advisory Board of the World Water Rescue Foundation which successfully petitioned an ambassador to sponsor the World Water Rescue FoundationU.N. resolution that passed to make this the International Decade of Fresh Water (2005-2015). WWRF is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to protecting and preserving the world’s water resources and ensuring the fundamental right of access to safe drinking. For the Foundation I also serve as webmaster and have spoken on cycles and the environment at the New York City Annual Water Festival in Manhattan.
I was born in Pennsylvania 1954 near Philadelphia where my interest in changing times stemmed from my own family. All four of my grandparents were born in the nineteenth century and I was raised in a three-generation house which had no shortage of tales from the olden days. On my mother’s side are the Taylors who settled in Virginia in the 1600s with a land grant from the King of England. A lineage of American history and a consciousness has since been handed down through the generations. On my father’s side, the Katzmires, were my grandparents who moved to America from Bavaria in the 1800s. My father bore insight of a type that offered both an inside and outside point of view toward affairs in the “New World” that he loved. As I grew up in changing times I embraced the times around me and learned of times before. Many teachings came to me came from those who were born before the airplane was invented, but who lived to see the first man walk on the moon. What lies before us now?
The consistency of change may offer some answers in these inveterate tides of time. Are there truly tides in time? Well, both of my parents were born in the jubilant “Roaring Twenties,” yet they grew up during the Great Depression. When they reached adulthood America was in an economic boom and their children grew up in historic prosperity. Nonetheless, as I reached adulthood I saw economic decline, the energy crisis and post-Watergate reforms. Now, following the energetic “disco era” and less vibrant days of “generation X” we are evolving through exciting times of change. How all the more exciting it is when viewed with the comprehension that we are all part of a divine scheme.
My background of work took me to many aspects of American life. I labored in construction, and yes, I dug ditches – to help lay footings for town houses. I went on to: inspector for the Department of Public Safety and for the Department of Health in my home town, assistant manager for a restaurant in Philadelphia, main frame data processor in Dallas, Texas and later Philadelphia. I moved on to high rise property management, restaurant management, style assistant in Manhattan and computer network management. For education, I merely took night courses in a local college, spent countless hours in libraries, studied at the Classical Guitar Society in Philadelphia and toured all across the continental United States. As a personal note to readers I will add that the greatest teachings I have known came from the holy ones I have met, and from the omniscient connection with those to whom they are connected.
The vision of Kalarhythms came to me in an instant as I was captivated to embrace the concept of oneness. Such oneness may be succinctly described with the axiom that, everything is in anything. That all things must change, and for every time there is a season, tells us that the Dance of Shiva is realized in many ways. Call it fractals, monads, the macrocosm is the microcosm, as above so below, all things are one, the holographic universe, or what have you – a moment in time changed the course of my life for the next thirty years. That led to this discovery of Kala-Rhythms, or what you might call it the ‘Bio-Rhythms of the United States,’ and any nation, as well as the ‘Mega-Rhythms of the world,’ and more. Hence the name, ‘Kala-Rhythms’ (Kala is Sanskrit for time). Unlocking the key to Rhythmic change can assist in anything. For with it, you will hold the map of time.

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